Wedding Stuff

So its December 2012 and there’s still a ways to go before my wedding in the summer of 2013.

It seems like a long time, but I thought that a few months back when we were planning to make the invitations by December and here December is!

To go along with the theme we’ve chosen and to be smart with our money, my Fiancee (Elena) and I are trying to do the DIY wedding thing wherever we can. Three days ago, we started the card making process. Brenda (Elena’s sister), a demonstator for ‘Stampin Up’ gave us a bunch of stuff to use to make the invitations. We went through  all the card stock so far and have embossed them with a wood grain pattern. Each of them done by yours truly. I’m thinking the cards will look pretty sweet and I hope they turn out as well as we both planned them out to look like in our minds.

Wood Grain Paper - The Fruits of my Labour

My main focus for the wedding day is to help out with preparations where ever I can (such as card making), work out, get fit and look good for the wedding day. Most of the ideas and planning sprout out of Elena’s mind.

She has already created a dress from scratch for one of our photo shoots and plans to make a few more before the wedding. She is a professional make-up artist and I’m happy for her that she is starting to get recognized more and more for the great work she has done.

Not only does she hold a steady teaching career and does make-up when booked, she is also very active on her blog site and has posted some of her make-up work as well as some of the DIY stuff she made for our wedding.

A truly talented and hard working person! Check out her site at:

She was the one that inspired me to start this blog in the first place, so that I have a place to put my thoughts and (hopefully soon) have some thing to share that will interest others.

I think for now there will most likely be lots of posts about working out and wedding stuff as that is most of the major items that take up my time aside from work (and job hunting). I’m also thinking of sharing about my more recent interests in board gaming and why I’ve taken to its draw over video games. Stay tuned for new posts!


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