Body Building Status

Good News Everyone!

After plateauing at the 205 lbs. weight range for about a month and a half, I am now in the sub-200 lbs. range! Woohoo!

I was glad I did my ‘cheat’ weeks during December, it seemed to be what I needed in terms of switching up the routine to kick-start further weight loss.


Recently had some time to work out with my buddy Sam and James on separate days and in different gyms and found both days to be pretty good. It’s always cool to learn some new exercises for muscle groups you’ve been working on for a while, I have the soreness to prove that the workout was different enough to do something to my body.

Did biceps and back with Sam and learned some new moves and machines to get those tiny arm muscles of mine pumping. It’s great to learn new moves to keep things interesting.

Went to Steve Nash with James to work on shoulders and legs to try to get those ‘Boulders for Shoulders.” Steve Nash is nice, but I still like getting spoiled at the Oval. The facility is just overall more well spaced and more open so that stink doesn’t sit around like it does in other smaller gyms.

Overall I’m very pleased with the progress I’ve been seeing, hopefully I’ll be able to continue dropping the fat and toning the muscles before the wedding day and photo shoots arrive.

Thanks to all who have been encouraging me and for the gym brothers egging me on to push past my personal bests and continually improve.


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