Renos – Scrape, Scrape, Sand, Sand

Clean up at the church education building (e-bldg) is under way!

Before the end of the year 2012, James and I did quite a bit of work on the interior; scraping excess/old paint, sanding and general cleaning of the usable space.

It feels good to now have a clean fridge, ready and awaiting food and drinks.

There are a set of really old and ugly cabinets that we were able to fill up any cracks and prep for painting.

Ever since the end of December 2012, we’ve recently starting to do a bit more work into the building again. Most of the work was done to the outside front and back yards. Yesterday I was able to trim the front hedges and did an overall cleaning of excess branches and fallen leaves from the front and with Adam’s help was able to cut down a really large patch of thorny bushes in the backyard. We were able to fill about 5-7 bags with the lawn clippings so far and there is still a large pile that still needs to be bagged.


‘Before’ Picture of the Backyard – Thorny bushes on the Left


Adam raking up the cuttings.


Me doing my part in raking.


Backyard now looks a little less Malicious

While I took to the plants, James was hitting the concrete with his power washer. You don’t quite realize how dirty an abandoned walkway can become until you can clearly spell your name on the pavement. I didn’t even realize what the actual colour of the pavement was until yesterday.

So far I can say that to me the work that has been done so far has made a world of difference in sprucing up the place and hopefully come Spring time, we’ll have a few more helping hands to join the cause to have another nice once over the place in terms of cleaning.

James and Isaac were able to mostly finish up the painting of the inside of the cabinets yesterday and the has been a vast improvement. Now all that has to be done is to scrape, and sand the outside of the cabinets, change the hinges and maybe the knobs as well and we’ll have a brand new looking set of cabinets ready for action. I can’t wait till that is complete!

I also just heard today that we may have access to a deep cleaning carpet machine, so praying that the machine works (and thankful to receive another offer to help from Jon)!

All in all, it’s been a great experience so far to have birthed a simple idea that is slowly but surely gaining momentum and support both from encouraging comments as well as helping hands that have joined to do the work!


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